Om Isaksen/About Isaksen

Isaksen was established in 2002 by designers Rita and Nickie Isaksen. Both have a background in design, fashion and tailoring over two generations. After creating a classic fashion cellection that is now clearly recognizable on the High Street, Isaksen has expanded to incorporate shoes, jewelry, leathers and furs.

Isaksen trades extensively throughout Western Europe and major cities worldwide. The label is distributed through its own brand outlets, independent boutiques and department stores.

The philosophy behind Isaksen is simple: Greenlandic-inspired quality and functionality combined with graphic and timeless design. The spirit of Greenland gives Isaksen a unique quality that always stand out from the crowd. All materials are environmentally-sourced and practical to wear.

The color of Black, Red and White are highly symbolic- Black: the world of spirits. Red: the blood of life. White: ancestral bones.

Through a subtle interplay of colors, materials and textures, Isaksen offers a new and exciting approach to modern living.

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